Mittwoch, 15. Dezember 2010

Vintage Patterns by Vogue

This came yesterday:

Horaay for me! And for Rose! Staying up one night, we browsed through the products at the McCalls website and got tempted.

As shipping, taxes etc. is quite expensive if you order from Austria, we had to narrow it down to the patterns seen here. The patterns on the left side including the orange dress would be mine, Rose ordered the Marilyn Monroe-Dress, the black one with the straps and the violet one, which I have already in my stack. 
As we have different sizes, we can't share the patterns, except for the orange one, and the Marilyn Monroe-Dress, which is a pity kind of.
 And btw - sorry Rose, I couldn't resist to open the package :P

After the coat is finished, I will grab my things and start sewing one (or more) of these dresses.
The choice (so far) for the Michael Kors dress is this lightweight Cotton Oxford. It is rather slippery for Cotton and has a grip similar to Vóile.

I'd like to use this fabric, but I was unpleasantly surprised when I noticed, that I would need nearly 6m for this pattern. Six meters! I quite doubt, that I'll really need so much. But, I just have 3m of this grey Cotton, and I know that won't be enough for sure. What a pity. And I can't decide for which Side of fabric I will go in the end...

I love this pattern! It reminds me so much of Joan Holloway in Mad Men. It's not enough for the whole piece, but I think this fabric would be nice choice for a blouse. The grey Cotton from above would also be neat.


 I took photos of my fabrics in stock.. maybe anyone has ideas for another combination?




Cheers, and thanks for looking