Samstag, 22. Januar 2011

Colette Patterns Spring Palette Challenge

Colette has started her spring color palette challenge and I'm so eager to join in!
Heres the color palette I've come up with, fitting to my autumnish skin type.

Each of the upper colors will/can be combined in a garment with the color beneath it.
I still don't know if I will stay put with this, it kind of seems so hollow to me.
In addition, I don't know for sure if my skintype really matches the autumn type, but thats the opinions I've got from others, I would count myself rather as a summer-type, but on the other, rather convincing side cold colors don't suit me.

Maybe this palette would be better?

Yeah, I think, this looks more spring-ish, somehow.
cheers, mae

Freitag, 21. Januar 2011

Nuit N°12

Stumbled upon great treasuries by Ludivine Machinet and Frédéric Baldo.

Goth and catacomb themes have been prevalent in the fashion industry for a while now. One such emerging brand that creates an entire line of accessories around the dark and lovely is, Nuit N°12. Clicking through their collection is like a visual poem, which indulges in the darker side of art and history.

Machinet and Baldo have created a narrative wholly their own, with the mixing of bronze, silver, grey platinum, and pink gold jewelry. Add wood and metal motifs to leather clutches, and you don't need much else to make a heart flutter with excitement.

Visit Nuit N°12

Sonntag, 9. Januar 2011

Fashion Icons and young fashion labels

If you speak german, this might be of interest to you:
I wrote a biography about Coco Chanel with selected pictures, in one of my other blogs which I run with my fellow class mates. There are posts about fashion and music too, if your interested.
Herbststraße - weekly

There will be a short bio about 24 icones of fashion every saturday in particular order. Every sunday I will introduce 3 fashion labels that are rather unknown or young, alphabetically.You can take a look at the list here.

If you'd like to at least take a look at the pictures, you're welcome.

cheers, mae

Samstag, 8. Januar 2011

Sculptural for 2011

Resulutions 2011 - Edit:
This collection actually makes me toss my thought about wearing more colors!
And I should have added to my resolutions, that I actually HAVE to try to make something sculptural, that almost covers your whole head. And drape... and make something convertible. Take a look:

Alessandra Marchi. A lovely mix of hard and soft fabrics, from her F/W 2010/11 collection.
It's amazing how every piece drapes the model's body.. like it would say "wear me or wear nothing".
I'm so fond of her collection, if you're interested in more, check it out here.



An example for something convertible. This picture shows how to wear the DKNY Cosy.

Similar to American Apparel's Le Sac Dress is Please Dress Up. Their summer collection from 2009 was called infinate possibilities, and is just that.

Another awesomeness: Complex Geometries
They also make quite a lot of convertible clothing, and what I like most about is, that it's quite avant-garde. Like this sheet t. Veeery awesome.
I'm too short for their apparel, so what. But I think she would look great in it.

And last but definitely not least: Harpuns Own. Damn, I want this 3-hole-blazer. And they also have a 3-hole-dress!

The 3 HOLE BLAZER is tailored with a high fitting slim arm and double back neck vents. The third hole allows it to be worn many different ways. SILK COTTON VOILE 3HOLE DRESS

 Also by Harpuns Own, the Swacket.

I think this will influence the things I will create this year pretty badly. 
I'm a tailor, so I pretty much have no knowledge or grasp when it comes to draping. 
This year I will push myself to get some garments done, which reach deeper into the subject than the "simple" pattern drafting. 

One of my big goals is to make a subtraction dress from Julian Roberts. I think he's my temporary idol for the upcoming year.

 xxx, mae

Do's and don'ts for 2011

As 2010 was a disastrous year for me, I very much trust 2011 to be better. I didn't have much influence on some things that happened, but one improvement for sure can be made by me: a schedule.

And last but not least, but a very important one for me personally: wear more color.
I mostly run around in black, but I don't feel like that lately..
Most of the time I feel awkward in colors, but maybe that will pass.

These resolutions are in no particular order.
xxx, mae

Donnerstag, 6. Januar 2011

Dog-Lover-Seamstresses - Where are you?

 Am I the only one wondering?
Every (really, almost every) seamstress in Blogomania I've come across has a cat.
As long as I am in the sewing-themed blog-business, I've come across mostly cat-lovers, cat-owners.
  • Gertie, well known with her cats Henry and... yeah. The other doesn't show up quite often.
  • Fuchsia, and her cat Sol.
  • A cat of impossible Colour. Well, name says all. Possesser of a cat! 
  • There are MANY more. Far too many to post them here. I would post more, but there are some bloggers I'm not sure anymore, because of this picture madness one stumbles over in Blogomania.. To be honest, I simply forget who has what. Sometimes.
Still wondering:

There ARE dogs infiltrating your sewing chamber, and even looking cute at doing so.
So, fellow dog-lovers and dog-owners:
Where are you?