Mittwoch, 20. Oktober 2010

So.. long time no see. 

The CopyCut Project is a bit on a hiatus, because... well, everything I say now, will sound like an excuse, and practically, it is one. 

The upcoming schoolproject will occupy me for the next weeks, and I won't hesitate to give you a view inside the mystery of the art of tailoring. This design will also be the first item available at BlackNo.1

Soon there will be an accessories series, too!
Lady Rose and myself are working on our first collection.
Here is Shalott modeling one of the headpieces:

Will be available in color soon!

In the meantime I was experimenting with shoes...
I wanted to alter my old boots and spray a lace-pattern to give them a new look, but they are gone! Somehow... they are gone. 
So, I just took my old pumps. Simply trial&error:

 I took aerosol fixative and pasted the lace gently on the shoe.

That's how it looks with grey color... i think I should have taken a darker grey...>_<

Shiny shiny with gloss spray to secure the color. Tadaaaa!

I have these shoes since summer now, but never wanted to wear them, except once. So I decided to spray them black.

Way better, I don't like the bast. Now I think the next step will be applying some lace and maybe some ribbons.

Imagine this lace pattern with 20-eye boots! :D