Montag, 1. März 2010

Monday Musings #1

Woha, I'm in typewriting mood!
  • This Girl reminded me of my my old wish to have a typewriter! I've got a (maybe 70ies) record player last year on ebay, for 15 € including mail order which is awesome. I'll post some pictures someday.. now I need a charming typewriter to start typing letters instead of writing! Writing is cool too of course.
  • Something which has been on my mind lately, while reading many sewing-blogs and observing - there is no correct fit. It appears nearly on every blog, even if the frequency is different. I will gather information and post it someday, because it's such a pity to see great ideas in bad "shape". The major issues are that these clothes are mostly too tight and sometimes not even pressed at all. This post is not meant to be offensive, but I think this topic needs far more attention.
  • This FIDM Museum Blog will replace my daily newspaper for sure! I think i will realize this military influenced jacket after having finished my over9000 want-to-do projects. -.-' Oh this list gets longer and longer...
  • Omg, the Gala Nocturna had some whopping costumes this year, check out the gallery, you will be stunned!