Donnerstag, 6. Januar 2011

Dog-Lover-Seamstresses - Where are you?

 Am I the only one wondering?
Every (really, almost every) seamstress in Blogomania I've come across has a cat.
As long as I am in the sewing-themed blog-business, I've come across mostly cat-lovers, cat-owners.
  • Gertie, well known with her cats Henry and... yeah. The other doesn't show up quite often.
  • Fuchsia, and her cat Sol.
  • A cat of impossible Colour. Well, name says all. Possesser of a cat! 
  • There are MANY more. Far too many to post them here. I would post more, but there are some bloggers I'm not sure anymore, because of this picture madness one stumbles over in Blogomania.. To be honest, I simply forget who has what. Sometimes.
Still wondering:

There ARE dogs infiltrating your sewing chamber, and even looking cute at doing so.
So, fellow dog-lovers and dog-owners:
Where are you?


  1. Ha! The other one is Pip and she much prefers Jeff to me. :) Let's see, I know Peter of Male Pattern Boldness has two chihuahuas. And Shannon of Hungry Zombie Couture is a dog owner.

    And by the way, I do love dogs! We will get one if we ever move out of New York. :) Pip and Henry will be thrilled.

  2. Wonder no more, I have a cat. But when I started blogging I decided to adhere to a strict no cat news rule. I love my little guy, but he can start his own blog if he wants to enter the blog world. :)

    I was thinking of getting a dog, but the landlord said cat only, so cat only it is. Your Luna is a cutie!

  3. Oh, I thought you (Gertie) would be the cats-only type. No offense of course :)
    But: thanks for the news, now I have some back-up, ha! ò_Ó

    I should have trusted my feelings ;)!
    I hope nobody got me wrong, I love cats, but I'm allergic, so I can't own one. As well as I do like the cat-news in many blogs, they emphasize the personal and more private side of the blogwriter, witch can be quite interesting.
    Thanks for commenting! <3

  4. Mein Hundchen hast du ja sicher schon entdeckt :3

  5. Ja hab ich! Nur ists im krampfhaften Nachdenken leider vergessen worden zu erwähnen :(
    Schande über mich!


    My pup Ginsie asking when Shiloh, mom's dog whom I was babysitting at the time, is going home. Ginsie tends to take to the silks and anything purple. She'll also "steal" scraps sometimes and make a bed for her "babies" (stuffed animals).