Montag, 13. Dezember 2010

Monday Musings #6

Instead of  studying  I sum up the glorious pictures I came across this weekend, or now. 
I have an exam in nearly two hours... and..  I don't even want to mention the coat.
Shaaaaaaaaaaaaame oooon meeeeee (Shame on me!) Shaaaame meeee ooooon (Shame on me!)
(Thoughts singing another version of A-HA's "Take on me ._.)

Foxhunt - Baby! The American Duchess was lucky enough to reached the #1 most voted slot, and her design was produced in no-time. Luuucky Biaaaatch! (Admire her works, no offense! :)) This pretty baby is too expensive for me though. Sigh sigh.
American Duchess @ 

This room would be a dream come true for me. A tree in the house. A tree!




 Key-Collection. Lovely. Seem at Thought Patterns.

Int dec 87


Look at these fleamarket finds at a little noveau.

Thanks to Rose I'm totally in the mood for dresses, lately.


THIS is the most perfect Vintage Dress for Winter! Three weeks ago I got myself a nice woolen tweed in brown, so I think I just have found its purpose!

In love! With the NoaNoa Christmas Collection. >>

Sam Webers Illustration for Shakespeare's "The Tempest". I CAN'T wait for the movie to come out.

Brent Schoepf - "Grandma's hot Air Balloon"

And last but not least: Astonishing, creepy & moody papercut vid. Simply *o*

 Oh dear, the mass of this post would be enough for 3 posts, actually. 
mae xxx

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