Donnerstag, 16. September 2010

Thursday Musings #2

Reading through the massive amount of my favourite blogs today, i've stumbled upon shoes. Many shoes.
She bought these wonderful clogs which are perfect for the coming fall. And reading through I found out, what's missing in my wardrobe for this fall. The perfect shoe. So, i visited Brandos (it's in german..) and found some things I can not deprive you of. Starting with the ones, which really inspire me to get broke again:

Brako Malibu, 115 €, I think I would kill for these. They are pretty versatile as well. They just call for a late Bustle-Dress in bordeaux-black design with lace, velvet bows and black pearls. >> drool.

Hush Puppies Divinity Black, 115€, on a higher heel, perfectly black leather with organza lacing. Well combined, cries for a bustle as well.

Neat, without heel for sophisticated city-hiking. Underground England Broughe Boot, 299 €.

A nice boot, with a kind of industrial feel to it, but without being too pushy by Donna Girl, 60€. And affordable too! Vagabond Cathy, 99€. They remind me, that I wanted Timbaland quite a few times, but somehow I always wanted a darker color.

Would be a nice match in a sportive 1930-Outfit like the one on the left: (Actually, i had another in mind, but couldn't find it.)

Same goes for this one: Bronx Gang, 99 € Simply beautiful, universal shoes.

These are just neat in style. Even if I would prefer the heel to be a wee bit slimmer. Billi Bi 2253, 185 €

I've never been a great fan of Dr. Martens, but these Lotti 8 Eye just kick it off. 135 €

Now that's how I think makes singin' in the rain work! Killah Yuri 79€.

Neat. But I actually wouldn't buy them. Thrifting would be ok though. ;) Marc O'Polo 07MW8741. 169€.

A Cream Mantelet with a fantail skirt from 1877 would be quite fitting, I guess.

Now moving on to the category "don't know if want": I can imagine a Bustle-Dress, but somehow the three seams seem to casual to me.

Fly London Valve, 135 €.

Hm. Pretty undecided. Could work well with Shiro-, Kuro- or in general with Gothic-Lolita. (Shiro= all white, Kuro= all black) Dr. Martens 1B99 Mods, 119 €.

Well, if you combine these shoes to a Kuro style, I think it's not Kuro-Lolita anymore, eh.

Something is quite cool about these, but something definitely is not. I think what's bothering me, is the way it is eyed. They're too wide for my taste. And with a black organza lacing this would be a whole another story. Lola Ramona Molly, 199 €.

Well, when I saw these the first time this morning I was like UGH, who would want to wear THOSE... but now I'm not so sure. I think a very ruffled Bustle-Dress would make a nice combo, but I couldn't imagine those with modern or vintage style in another way. Can you? Chie Mihara Atenea, 359 €.

Well... we won't have to argue about these shoes. They're awefully ugly. Have always been. I've seen these Converse-Heels about 8 years ago (for the first time..), and ever since, there were people who penetrate your eyesight with this... accident. It's always the same. If you think a certain trend is over, it comes back and punches you in the face. And it hurts. Diesel, shame on you! 139 €.

Were climbing down the ladder to painfullness. If you're not a creepy german rocker-hag, with a voice like you would try to breed another species living with lung-cancer and ugly-frizzy blond-greyish hair with no treatment whatsoever, you're not allowed to wear these. Bronx, 149 €. (I'm trying to provide as few information as possible)

Actually, I've been thinking quite some minutes now, what to write here. This is painful. These-shoes-are-ugly. They really are. I think it's possible that this shoe is quite comfy, but.. what is the desire to wear these? I mean, if you take the design-aspect. There are people who wear this. Actually I cant believe it. Maybe it works with a certain boho style? But.. well, I don't know. I'd like to know, how you can make this work. Camel Active Soho, 99€.

Oh, and a fabulous dress, seen at the Sartorialist.
That's it for now. I think i have a weird taste.... don't I?

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