Dienstag, 28. September 2010

CopyCut - Phase One: It's starting!

Finally, we get going. So far we have decided the complete undergarments.
I've decided mine by adjusting and comparing with these two dresses:

I will go for drawers from 1889-93. It's a free pattern, which can be found online at the Ladies Treasury of Costume and Fashion.
They do not have the scale measures for drafting this garment, so I will have to draft to the size given and then alter to fit.

This will be the chemise which I will be doing:
I will have small alterations done, because I think I will go for a V neck.

This 1883 Corset appears in Norah Waughs Corsets&Crinolines and is pretty much what I want my Corset to look like. It's not the one, I wanted to do first, but the other would have been too early for a 1888 Bustle Dress.  It's a black coutil corset, edged with black lace and yellow ribbon. I haven't decided yet about the colors, I'd like to do something black, or black with antique pink, ... but I still have a huge amount of beautiful striped material in black/brown/dark brown and gold.

Wonderful (time-fitting!) Corset Covers we found over at Digital Changeling.
There are many Corset Covers, and even free patterns for them, but out of some reason, we can't find any for the needed decade (1880ies). The ones we have seen were either too early (~1860) or to late in time (1910)
So.. there's quite a lack of... corset covers for this time. I actually wonder how that can be.

We found a wonderful example of Bustle-Underskirt at Digital Changeling and will draft it ourselves.
After finishing the other undergarments mentioned we will aim for the one in the upper left corner.

Check Rose's blog, we may have the same goal, but our construction slightly differs. That's what makes it so interesting. :)

xxx, mae

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