Mittwoch, 18. November 2009

what i will do first!

hi and welcome!
after hours and weeks of cruising through the web, i found tons of wonderful blogs concerning vintage-style, patterns, do-it-yourself, and lots of fashion-addicts. 
i think it would be appropriate to post these links because they're so inspiring!
but i think they will appear one after another anyway, thats why i won't post them as a whole list. 

i'm still a bit undecided about this blog. for this reason i will answer a few questions, in case you are not sure about this blog either. 

1) why in english when you obviously speak and live in a german-speaking country?
i want to reach a wider range of people, but to be honest, i'm pretty unsure about this point. i want people to be part of this process, on the other hand i can explain the steps more easily in my own language. my goal is to take the cultural advantage of the place i'm living in and use it for the apparel. that's why i'll make this blog bi-lingual, i guess.

2) why this title?
'La Guêpière' is french for bodice or corset. it emerged from the word 'guêpe' which means wasp. the guêpière was necessary and typical  for the 'new look' by dior in the late 40ies and the 50ies fashion in general. this marks my interest and goal for this project at its best: to produce authentic historical clothing for the size of today. i myself have an american 16/18 which is a german 42/44 when i would go shopping, but it's a 46 in the system of units i'm using.(sounds a bit weird, i know)
it's not necessarily difficult for me to get clothes in general, but i have high prospects to the fit and am not pleased by the products most labels offer. 

thats why i set my goal to have my wardrobe full of self-made garment with vintage touch or  in authentic vintage style.
furthermore im fascinated by corsetry and lingerie and have never-ever owned a perfect fitting bra or have had one, which was well designed in my taste. 
i will start a collection of high quality materials with (in)dependent style and viennesque charme called black no. 1
'la guêpière' is mostly there for following this process and an outlet for my inspiration and outcomes as well as 'try-outs' of new techniques. 

that's why my first project will be......... a bodice!

3) anything to add?
 well yes, it's by choice, that i don't use upper and lower case. 
jokes aside. if you have a request for a style or a technique explained or what comes to your mind, feel free to contact me. this blog is for seamstresses and tailors who always seek a challenge! :P as i said, this will give insight in my work, but it won't include the basics of drafting or sewing. (if it's not relevant to the topic!)

4) that's lot'sa text, you know?
it's my first post, what do you want? ;) i'll get startin' soon anyway! 

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